TV Commercial PUB - Water Saving Campaign

TV Commercial: PUB - Water Saving Campaign

Branding and Marketing Old Chang Kee Coffee House

Branding and Marketing: Old Chang Kee Coffee House

TV Commercial Shokubutsu RevitaCare

TV Commercial: Shokubutsu RevitaCare

Branding Design O’Meteor Coporate Identity

Branding Design: O’Meteor Coporate Identity

Online Video Velocity Mall Branding

Online Video: Velocity Mall Branding

Writing, Photography and Design SLA Coffee Table Book

Writing, Photography and Design: SLA Coffee Table Book

TV Commercial Shokubutsu Men 2 in 1

TV Commercial: Shokubutsu Men 2 in 1

Packaging Revamp GoldenFarm - Dragon Fruit Enzyme

Packaging Revamp: GoldenFarm - Dragon Fruit Enzyme

TV Commercial Systema Oral Care

TV Commercial: Systema Oral Care

Digital and Social Media Velocity Urban Attack Campaign

Digital and Social Media: Velocity Urban Attack Campaign

Branding video Temasek Polytechnic

Branding video: Temasek Polytechnic
Traditional Media Campaign: Velocity Shopping Mall

TV Commercial Systema 3D Toothbrush

TV Commercial: Systema 3D Toothbrush

Packaging Design GoldenFarm - Dried Fruits

Packaging Design: GoldenFarm - Dried Fruits
Social Media Content: Velocity Mall Weekly Workout Events

Product Launch Old Chang Kee - Red Spicy ‘O

Product Launch: Old Chang Kee - Red Spicy ‘O